About Tree Removal

While many lots are cleared, there are still many trees left standing after the debris has been hauled away.  Perhaps you want those trees, or maybe you think they need to go.  Here are some answers and next steps for getting rid of some burned out trees from your property. This information is also posted on our FAQ page.

Property owners are responsible for the cost of their tree removal

Most insurance company policies have included tree removal costs within the debris removal disbursements.  Check with your insurance carrier on specific details. As per instructions from Sonoma County Recovers, see letter regarding insurance reimbursement information.  Paragraph three, some residential properties may require private debris removal for burnt trees, outbuildings under 120 square foot or …. Please note that insurance claim fund specified for debris removal can be used to cover those costs. Save your receipts from any debris removal and deduct them from your insurance distribution when submitting final Debris payment to FEMA.

Do I need a permit for tree removal?  

You do need to obtain a permit for the removal of over 4” diameter. The Santa Rosa City ordinance states: 

Santa Rosa City Tree Ordinance dated Oct. 2, 1990 requires you to have a permit when removing trees.

Article III Prohibitions: 17-24.030 Tree alteration, removal relocation-Permit required. No person shall alter, remove, or relocate, or permit or cause the alteration, removal of relocation, of any tree including any heritage, protected, or street tree, situated in the City, without a permit…

Link to the Santa Rosa Tree Removal Application: (https://www.srcity.org/DocumentCenter/View/2662)

Not sure about whether to remove a tree?

A certified arborist can help you with checking on the vitality of your trees after the fire.  They can arrange permits and tree removal, if needed.


Source: Confirmed information with Jackie from the USACE Debris Removal Hot line: 877-875-7681 (www.sonomacountyrecovers.org).

Article by Paula Becerra, 3539 Coffey Meadow Place, Block Captain Area 4 Section 9