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Maps with House Models

House Models Match Game

House Models Match Game

Update 12-23-17: The Sharon Park Map has been updated!  Also, if your house model is incorrect on the map, please let us know and we will update!  Submit your correct information via this form

Coffey Park is a large development with many original builders although within that plan many house models were duplicated.  As homeowners now get copies of their house’s original plans, they have been seeking others with the same plan too.  And with rebuilding, mortgages, and insurance, we know that footprint, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms all have an impact on design review, permits and total cost.  There could be some real value to pursuing collaborative planning if you connect with others who also had your house plan or at least a similar square footage.

Maps Reveal Floor Plans with Color Coding

Here are some maps that one of our Coffey Park block captains created, all from public information in the city tax assessors office.  We are working on ways to help you connect with others homeowners in Coffey Strong if you want to try and plan, design and even build in collaboration with others (or at least explore that possibility).  Keep in mind the data is 30 years old and does not include upgrades or remodels.

Similar Floor Plan Locations in the Windrose Subdivisions
Similar Floor Plan Locations in the Windrose Subdivisions Click to view the larger pdf version of this map


Houses with Similar floorplans in Hillview and Willowgrove
Houses with Similar floorplans in Hillview and Willowgrove Click to view a larger pdf version of this map.


Similar Floor Plan Map Barnes Meadow
Similar Floor Plan Map Barnes Meadow Click to view the larger pdf version of this map



Master Floor Plan Locations in Five Coffey Park Subdivisions
Master Floor Plan Locations in Five Coffey Park Subdivisions  Click here to view large pdf file of this map
Sharon Park Homes Map
Sharon Park Homes by Model Map v. Dec 23, 2017. Click to view large map.
More about builders and notes on a realistic timeline

More on Builders, and Notes About a Realistic Timeline

More on Builders, and Notes About a Realistic Timeline

map of Coffey Park with areas outlined
Map from Nextdoor.com showing the Areas of Coffey Park’s Coffey Strong organizing efforts. Houses in green are addresses that are part of the Nextdoor network.

Who is Building?

There are a LOT of builders interested in rebuilding Coffey Park. We (the Coffey Strong volunteers) have tentatively grouped them as follows:

1: Builders who are interested in building 50+ houses each: APM, DeNova, Gallaher, Stonefield, Synergy. We just today posted a matrix of information on these builders on the website: http://coffeystrong.com/builder-matrix/. Not all of these builders are willing to build in all Areas; for example, APM is unwilling to build in Areas 1 & 2 because they are focused on rebuilding Condiotti homes, which are mostly in Areas 3 & 4.

2. Medium-sized builders who want to do 10-50 houses each: American Pacific Builders, Tuxhorn, Cobblestone, Shook & Waller, and a bunch more.

3. Small builders who want to do fewer than 10 houses each — there are probably at least a dozen of them.

Builders Won’t Likely Stick to One Area Only

Every one of these builders are different (look at the matrix mentioned above for an example of what I mean). Those differences will have a BIG effect on which builder a homeowner selects. I don’t think it’s going to be as simple as mapping builders into Areas. I don’t think we even have a clear idea yet HOW we’re going to help match up homeowners with builders, at least not on the scale of all 1,100 burned homes in Coffey Park. Another point is that some of these builders still aren’t ready to lay out their complete program — an example is APM, who won’t have real pricing until the end of January. It takes a while for a large builder to nail down all the elements of a program this big.

Some Public Infrastructure is Needed First

When will this all get started? It doesn’t seem likely that rebuilding will be able to start until late spring — and it’s not just the weather that’s the problem! The entire neighborhood must be certified by the City & County as ready for rebuilding. Before that can happen, the infrastructure must be tested and repaired to some acceptable level (water, sewer, gas, underground electric, storm drains, etc.). That’s going to take some time.

Those builders who say that they expect to start building in February are probably just trying to nail down customers as quickly as possible. We don’t believe that Coffey Park will be ready for building to start in February. Areas 1 & 2 are different because the houses were built in 1977-1980, compared with 1986-1990 in Areas 3 & 4. Because of the 10-year time difference, the houses in Areas 1 & 2 are generally smaller. Some of the above builders are not interested in such small houses. Area 2 is working on a plan that involves boiling the original 10 Cal West plans down to five models, updating those plans to current code, and then finding a builder willing to work with that package.

The bottom line is that we are still very early in this process.  We DO understand the need for specifics, but we’re not even close to having all the data yet. We’re working on it. Please be patient.

Adapted from a Post originally written for Nextdoor on December 7, 2017 by Geoff Walker (volunteer, Area 4)

Coffey Strong Area Map

Find Your Place in the Coffey Park Area Map

Find Your Place in the Coffey Park Area Map

Coffey Park Section Map Coffey Park Neighborhood Section Map for the Recovery and Rebuilding Effort[/caption]

Area 1: East of Coffey Lane, North of Hopper

Area 2: East of Coffey Lane, South of Hopper, North of San Miguel

Area 3: West of Coffey Lane, North of Hopper

Area 4: West of Coffey Lane, South of Hopper, North of San Miguel

Area 5: South of San Miguel

So many homes, so many people who are putting their lives back in order.  To move ahead, where individual needs can be addressed while the power of working together is also leveraged, Coffey Park has been divided into FIVE AREAS.

Then, working with maps of each AREA, local residents have divided those areas into smaller SECTIONS, each with a volunteer BLOCK CAPTAIN whose role it is to serve as a communications hub for the people in that SECTION.  The AREAS and the SECTIONS can correspond on all kinds of redevelopment efforts, and even choose to meet up on occasion–its totally up to you and your neighborhood needs.

Working Together – Register Today

Sign up to be part of Coffey Strong 

We are working to grow Coffey Strong’s database of registered participants to be a powerful tool to group residents by insurance company, builder, model or square footage if opportunities or concerns arise that would benefit from a coalition of homeowners working together to protect their interests.  Block captains will use whatever method of communication works best to keep in touch- email, phone, social media, etc. Sign up to be part of this network and connect with a block captain!

Please remember that everyone in Coffey Strong is volunteer, and everyone is in the same boat here, rebuilding lives after the fires.  If you would like to offer to help with any of this neighborhood organizing as a block captain, committee member, or in another way, contact us at [email protected].

We care about your privacy, so we keep the database information private and it is not posted anywhere on the website or in public view.