Debris Removal

Fire Debris Removal
Learn more about the Sonoma County Debris Removal Program, as well as private debris removal requirements. Find answers to help you from removal to rebuild, including property tax information for wildfire survivors.

Burned/ Damaged Trees
The joint City/County Recovery website, explains the process for removing fire damaged trees from your property, and from the public right away directly adjacent to your property. At this link you will also find information on PG&E tree removal work.

Debris Removal Completion
The joint City/County Recovery website describes the process for how property owners are notified once their property has been cleared (if they opted into the government-sponsored debris removal program). The site also explains what is required in order for private debris removal (opt out) to be approved by the City.


Information on the joint City/County Recovery website describing what happens when a property does not complete debris removal. Find information and copies of the Summary Abatement Notice and Order and Appeal of Notice forms.

Debris Removal Code Enforcement Violations
For filing a complaint regarding code enforcement violations during the debris removal process. Complaints may be submitted to MySantaRosa at; select “Fire Debris” to direct to the appropriate department.