Find Your Place in the Coffey Park Area Map

Coffey Park Section Map Coffey Park Neighborhood Section Map for the Recovery and Rebuilding Effort[/caption]

Area 1: East of Coffey Lane, North of Hopper

Area 2: East of Coffey Lane, South of Hopper, North of San Miguel

Area 3: West of Coffey Lane, North of Hopper

Area 4: West of Coffey Lane, South of Hopper, North of San Miguel

Area 5: South of San Miguel

So many homes, so many people who are putting their lives back in order.  To move ahead, where individual needs can be addressed while the power of working together is also leveraged, Coffey Park has been divided into FIVE AREAS.

Then, working with maps of each AREA, local residents have divided those areas into smaller SECTIONS, each with a volunteer BLOCK CAPTAIN whose role it is to serve as a communications hub for the people in that SECTION.  The AREAS and the SECTIONS can correspond on all kinds of redevelopment efforts, and even choose to meet up on occasion–its totally up to you and your neighborhood needs.

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We are working to grow Coffey Strong’s database of registered participants to be a powerful tool to group residents by insurance company, builder, model or square footage if opportunities or concerns arise that would benefit from a coalition of homeowners working together to protect their interests.  Block captains will use whatever method of communication works best to keep in touch- email, phone, social media, etc. Sign up to be part of this network and connect with a block captain!

Please remember that everyone in Coffey Strong is volunteer, and everyone is in the same boat here, rebuilding lives after the fires.  If you would like to offer to help with any of this neighborhood organizing as a block captain, committee member, or in another way, contact us at

We care about your privacy, so we keep the database information private and it is not posted anywhere on the website or in public view.