Coffey Strong started out with block level organizing across 5 geographical areas, so that we could connect with residents after the fire, and leverage the help of many volunteers to serve as a personal information resource and support during the after. One year after the fire, we have adjusted our organizational structure to be more topic or project oriented, although we still maintain our map of areas and have representation and leadership from all parts of Coffey Park.

Board Committees

Fund Development

Committee Members: Michele Rahmn

Fundraising to keep the work of our organization going, including projects in Coffey Park (e.g. The Park, Entryway etc.) Volunteers should be passionate about Coffey Park, go-getters and resourceful.  For information about volunteering contact Michele at

Funds raised to date:
$XXX - Hopper Wall Project
$XXX - Entryway to Coffey Park
$XXX - The Park at Coffey Park

Risk Control

Committee Members: Mikko Bojarsky, Tricia Woods, Anne Barbour

The purpose of the Risk Management Committee is to provide oversight across the organization for all categories of risk in order to ensure that proper practices are in place to identify, understand, and manage priority risks. We look at the areas of insurance, liability, publicity, policy, and protection of our service mark. We are assigned tasks by the Board as needed. Members generally communicate by email or through the Slack cloud-based collaboration platform but will meet in person as necessary. We deal with issues on an ad hoc basis as they arise. We welcome participation on the Committee. Please contact the committee chair if you’d like to participate.

Budget and Finance

Committee Members: Sue Fellbaum, Linda Phillips

Oversight of all funds donated to Coffey Strong.

Marketing and Public Relations

Committee Members: Sarah Giometti, Sasha Butler, Pamela Van Halsema

Manage and coordinate all digital assets and communications within Coffey Strong and with the community as a whole.

Neighborhood Relations

Committee Members: Kara Lemieux, Sasha Butler, Tricia Woods

Coordinate efforts to build a stronger community within Coffey Park.

Project Committees

Hopper Wall

Project Lead: Steve Rahmn

Currently working with our donor, the City and the Contractors for the replacement of the wall on Hopper Ave. This work includes tree removal, additional funding requests for rock veneer, and working with the standing homes in this area. Looking for volunteers to assist in a Hopper Ave overall vegetation clean up; yet to be scheduled. We may find that we will have a surplus of dirt that may be available to homeowners. Committee meets on an as needed basis. People who wish to have interest should feel free to contact me.

Project Cost:

Project is fully funded.

Entryway to Coffey Park

Project Lead: Bill Northcroft

The Coffey Park Entry Project was created by Coffey Strong to rebuild the two common space parcels located at the intersection of Coffey Lane and Hopper Avenue. It was felt by the members of Coffey Strong that the Coffey Park Entryway was a symbol of welcoming to the residents of Coffey Park. The fire that devastated Coffey Park in October of 2017 destroyed the entry parcels landscaping and the iconic sign of Coffey Park.

Firma Design Group, of Santa Rosa, provided the landscape Design.

Home Builders, APM Homes, Gallaher, Synergy and Tuxhorn provided the money to replace the Coffey Park sign.  Econoline Sign Company, of Santa Rosa, built and installed the new Coffey Park Entry Sign.

Love United Youth Outreach Group of Sonoma County provided clearing of the burned debris and placed soil erosion control and weed abatement.

Recology Sonoma Marin provided debris removal and disposal.

Coffey Strong’s Fund Raising Committee acquired $25,000 in grant money from the United Way of the Wine Country to start the rebuilding of the entry parcels. The project will break ground in early April, and the first phase of construction will be complete by June.

Coffey Strong will continue to coordinate with City of Santa Rosa for the Permitting of this project.

Project Cost:
Funding Gap:

The Park at Coffey Park

Project Lead: Lani Jolliff, Tricia Woods

Coffey Strong is working with the City of Santa Rosa and the Santa Rosa Parks Foundation to fund and restore the neighborhood park in Coffey Park. A series of neighborhood workshops were held during the fall and winter of 2018/19 to guide the development of the Master Plan for Coffey Neighborhood Park, a 5.85-acre park located in northwest Santa Rosa that was destroyed in the October 2017 Tubbs Fire.

Project Cost:
City of Santa Rosa Funds:
Funding Gap:

Coffey Park Neighborhood Meetings

Project Lead: Lani Jolliff and Bill Northcroft

Our meetings have been established to help all of our neighbors who did not lose their homes and returning neighbors after they rebuild. We join as a group to discuss our concerns and offer suggestions to each other to deal with the ever changing neighborhood. We provide updates from our Coffey Strong All Block Captain Meetings and inform neighbors of new committees if they would like to get involved. At this time, we do not need volunteers for this committee. Our group meets at our new location at Christian Family Fellowship on Hopper Avenue once a month on Mondays from 5:30pm - 7:30pm.

Neighborhood Relations (Wine Wednesday)

Project Lead: Tricia Woods

Wine Wednesdays are to provide a time, place, and opportunity for our neighbors to get together. If you attend Wine Wednesday you will hear discussion about rebuilding, insurance claims, emotional support, and just sharing of our lives. Friendship are developed and community is built. Nothing is needed to attend and participate in a Wine Wednesday; just bring a chair, a glass, and your favorite beverage. Wine Wednesday's are held in Scarlett Place every Wednesday, starting at 6pm. Come on out and join us.

Utilities Coordination

Project Lead: Lani Jolliff (PG&E liaison)

Keeping Coffey Park residents up to date on PG&Es' work within the community and where there might be inconveniences (outages, road closures, etc.)

City Required Landscaping

Project Lead: Pamela Van Halsema, Sasha Butler

Returning Homes Mail Delivery

Project Lead: Richard Lane