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City of Santa Rosa Guide to Landscaping Requirements

Click image to view the landscape requirements guide

NEW! Looking for a minimal, simplified, Coffey-Park Scaled Landscape Plan to satisfy the city requirements? These plans are available now adapt and use, courtesy of APM Homes and Carlile Macy Landscape Architects.

Start with these templates, (or the larger more extensive Sonoma Marin Water Saving templates) to adapt this front yard landscape plan to your own home site plan. Workshops to assist you will begin in January

Simplified and Scaled Down Template Native Adaptive Plan B

what does this look like installed?

Simplified and Scaled Down Template Sonoma Contemporary Plan A

What does this look like installed?

Simplified and Scaled Down Template Sonoma Cottage Plan A

What does this look like installed?


Sonoma Marin Water Saving Partnership Free Adaptable Landscape Templates

  • Sonoma Native/Adaptive – an emphasis on native and fire safer plants
  • Sonoma Eco-Edible – a mix of edible and habitat plantings that maximize sustainability
  • Sonoma Contemporary – a modern, minimalistic and clean look that is easy to maintain
  • Sonoma Cottage – a Sonoma version of a cottage garden with natural materials and colorful plantings

Permit Application Packet for use with Landscape Templates

Making Plant Choices

Drought Tolerant Plant Lists
Low Water Use
Medium Water Use

Need to defer installation? You can ask to wait up to 2 years before installing your full landscape. Just be sure to have these minimum requirements installed as outlined in the Landscape Requirements Guide by the final inspection. Questions? Inquire with the Resilient City Planning Office at [email protected] or call 707-543-4649

Custom Designs

You do not have to use the templates provided, but you may create your own custom landscape design which is WELO compliant. For fire damage rebuilds, some of the requirements are waived. For more detailed information refer to the Residential Landscaping Requirements publication or contact the Resilient City Planning Office at 707-543-4649

More Resources

Rainwater Capture ideas to help you retain rain and moisture in your land rather than send it off your property

Greywater Systems to use water from you shower and or clothes washer to irrigate your landscape

CalFire’s Fire Resistant Landscaping Webpage

About WUCOLS, or Water Use Classification of Landscape Species

Street Trees and the Planter Strip

The city does not have resources to fund replacement street trees for the planter strips. They do have plans to remove dead and damaged trees from the planter strips funded through FEMA debris removal funding. This wlll not fund stump removal, however. Should this situation change we will post the information.

Santa Rosa’s street tree list