Sever Ties With Your Builder

Severing Ties With Your Builder

When a property owner wishes to dissolve their relationship with a contractor, the City of Santa Rosa has developed a path to get their permit back and to sever ties with their contractor. It is fairly straightforward, but the process is completely within your rights as a homeowner and the city’s ability to execute.

When does this process apply?

Contractor has been issued a permit as the permitee (permit holder), and the contractor will not approve releasing the permit to the owner or another contractor.

How to obtain the permit as “owner-builder”, or have a different contractor obtain the permit:

  1. The owner must provide a letter to the City stating the owner requests the City cancel the permit held by the original contractor. (Here is the specific letter template that is to be used: Letter Request by Owner to Cancel Building Permit 03-03-2020) Note: The letter must contain the owner’s name, address of the project, permit number, and the name and contact information for the original and new contractor.
  2. Upon receipt of the letter requesting permit cancellation; the City will notify the original contractor in-writing that their permit has been cancelled pursuant-to the request of the property owner.
  3. The owner, their officially designated representative, or their contractor may apply for a new permit for the project. An application will be required:
  4. The owner must obtain written permission from the design professionals that developed the plans for construction explicitly authorizing the owner to reuse the plans for an owner-builder permit, or for a different contractor to use. This includes any licensed architects or engineers that have stamped and signed the plans (or portions-thereof). Here is the Design Professional Authroization form: Design Professional Authorization to use Plans for Construction 03-03-2020. You must get one form signed for every licensed architect or engineer that stamped and signed any part of your plans. Note: The licensed design professional must provide an affidavit specifically identifying the owner, property address, and plans (including any calculations, specifications or other supporting documentation) that are authorized to be used by the owner or a designated contractor.
  5. Upon receipt of a new application; the City will generate a new permit for the originally approved project.
    • The permit shall be issued to either the owner, their officially designated representative, or a licensed contractor.
    • Fees will be required as allowed under Ordinance No. 4080, 2016 section 19-08.030. After an examination of documented inspections and if-necessary, an inspection of work already-completed, fees will be based on an hourly rate for work remaining to be inspected.
    • If the original job-copy permit plans and documentation are not available to the owner, reproductions will be accommodated as much as possible by the City. Original design professionals may need to be consulted for additional documentation. Reproduction costs shall be borne by the new applicant.
    • If the original job-copy permit plans and documentation are available to the owner, they will need to be brought to the Resilient City Permit Center for reassignment of a new permit number.

Additional Questions

If you have any additional questions regarding this process, please reach out to:

City of Santa Rosa Resilient City Permit Center
100 Santa Rosa Avenue, Room 5
Santa Rosa, CA 95404