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entry to Coffey Park landscape construction set to begin

Landscape Construction to Begin at Coffey Park Hub

Landscape Construction to Begin at Coffey Park Hub

Entryway to Coffey ParkCoffey Strong is pleased to announce that work will begin this week on the installation of landscape designs on the west side of the intersection of Hopper Avenue and Coffey Lane. PJM Landscape is under contract with Coffey Strong to perform the work, which will include the site preparation, hardscape and irrigation during the next several weeks. This location has become a special hub for the community, serving as a place for gathering, displaying our strength, celebrating our progress, and sharing our resolve to return home. The vision for this landscape project is to create a beautiful and peaceful space for neighbors and visitors to enjoy and take respite, with a mix of growth, remembrance and hope.

Over the last ten months, Coffey Strong has worked to fund the installation of the design. A significant part of that effort comes from a $25,000 grant from United Way of the Wine Country’s Wildfire Recovery Grant Program, awarded in November 2018. Several months ago, the Christian Family Fellowship church on Hopper Avenue provided a generous donation to the project, too. Combining these resources with additional support raised through Coffey Strong t-shirt sales, bingo events and individual donations, Coffey Strong was able to enter into a contract to begin the first of two phases of the project. The last phase of the project, the planting of shrubs and plants, will not start until adequate funds have been raised.

Hopper Ave at CoffeyA year ago, Coffey Stong board member Bill Northcroft worked with Firma Design Group of Santa Rosa on the original concept for the design, resulting in a donated plan for the landscape, which includes pedestrian walkways, concrete seat walls, flowering and shade trees and drought tolerant plantings. Central to the design are five flowering cherry trees, each one planted as a memorial for the individuals in Coffey Park who died in the fire. These trees were donated by individual neighbors last year, and placed in the ground in time for the one year remembrance gathering in October 2017. Also installed last fall, a newly reconstructed Coffey Park sign was made by Econoline Signs with funds from donations from the builder community. Now the members of the building community, including Northgate Ready Mix, have provided additional support to help defray the costs of the concrete needed to build the seat walls in the hardscape that PJM Landscape will install soon.

Coffey Strong is an all volunteer neighborhood non-profit organization, helping rebuild the community of Coffey Park with information sharing, mutual support and collaborative initiatives like this one. To help close the funding gap for the Entryway to Coffey Park landscaping project, make a donation to Coffey Strong on our website: www.coffeystrong.com/fundraising


Landscape Design Workshop Sept 29 Offers Hands-on Help

Landscape Design Workshop Sept 29 Offers Hands-on Help

Are you picturing your new home surrounded by beautiful trees and plants, arranged in an easy to maintain, drought tolerant yard? Looking for an affordable solution to getting an attractive landscape design?

If you are one of the hundreds of homeowners who are using one of the smaller contractors or custom builders, the landscape design might not be included in your builder contract, or your agreement might provide an allowance toward the landscaping, but you need to still plan the landscape design and engineering. Every home will need at least a front yard landscape plan, approved at the city or county planning office. Thanks to the Sonoma Marin Water Saving Partnership, FREE scalable front yard landscape templates are available, offering eight attractive layouts in several different styles.

The templates are not ready for submittal to the permitting agency until you mark them up with your site specific details and your material and design option selections.

Not sure how to use the FREE Landscape Design Templates?

Attend the Pathways to Rebuilding Landscapes Workshop on September 29, 2018 offered by Sonoma-Marin Saving Water Partnership to learn how to use and adapt the templates.

  • The session will begin with a review of the Landscape Design Templates and explanation of how to modify the templates to suit your specific site needs.
  • Then, trained landscape advisors, design professionals and permitting staff will be on-hand to provide guidance as you participate in the Hands-On Breakout session, where you can mark up the designs to your own site’s needs. Be sure to bring a 24″ x 36″ printed copy of the landscape template you want to use and a site plan if you have one. (Get large format copies printed at a local copy shop)
  • After the workshop, if you need further assistance, the FAQ page will have a list of trained professionals that are available for hire to assist with any landscape design or installation needs.

Space is limited, register for the workshop and get your FREE event tickets here.

template includes plant images and names
Templates include fire resistant and drought tolerant plant selections. Resource lists for alternative low water and moderate water plants are also provided on the Sonoma Marin Water Saving Partnership website

The workshop will have two components:

8:00am to 9:00am The Overview of Landscape Templates – Learn about the Landscape Design Templates, how they are designed to be scalable, optional elements, and more.
8:00am to 9:00am

The Hands-On Breakout Session* – make plant substitutions, select optional elements and make simple markups to your Landscape Design Template. (Get tickets for one of two sessions.)
Session 1 – 9:00am to 10:30am
Session 2 – 11:00am to 12:30pm

*The Hands-On Breakout Sessions are not design consultations. If more complex modifications are desired, design assistance is available through your local landscape professionals.

Register for the workshop and get your FREE event tickets here.

Location: City of Santa Rosa Utility Field Office, 35 Stony Point Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

*Please bring these items if you will be attending a breakout session so we can help guide you on your path to rebuilding your landscape: