Top Rated Builders – From Neighborhood Survey

We recently conducted an overall builder satisfaction survey and appreciate all of the great feedback we received from you in the community.  The goal of the survey was to identify builders who stood out as very good or exceptional in order to help anyone still looking for a builder OR hoping to change builders.  Coffey Strong does not endorse or recommend any one builder or service.  This is for your information only and you are encouraged to have your contract reviewed by a professional before entering into an agreement, and check the CSLB (Contractors State License Board) site for more information on a builder.

If you are currently working with a contractor and are having issues, please visit the CSLB site or read this informational pamphlet on filing construction complaints.  You DO have options!

The following builders were all rated very good or exceptional as polled over the summer 2019.  Coffey Strong reached out to them and asked them each a series of questions.  All responses were received in September 2019 and are in their own words.  (Please note that APM and Gallaher both rated very well.  Gallaher is no longer accepting new clients for Coffey Park, and APM will only be accepting new clients through November 30, 2019.)

Precise Framing

Shook & Waller

Snyder Construction

Christopherson Builders

BF Builders

First Interstate Contractors