United Way, Coffey Strong and Communications for Rebuilding

Update from Jeff Okrepkie

United Way of the Wine Country Partnership with Coffey Strong

I wanted to reach out to let you all know about some big news in regards to Coffey Strong’s efforts. Recently, the United Way of the Wine Country has agreed to be the nonprofit partner for the Coffey Strong neighborhood association. This means we can now accept funds for our efforts through the 501c3 of the United Way. This is a very big development. Currently we are applying for grants and funding in order to accomplish two short term tasks that will have large ramifications. We are pursuing licensing for a customer relationship management (CRM) software that would make our communication methods exponentially more efficient. Additionally we will be looking to hire a free-lance developer to help make our website more robust.

Leveraging CRM Software to Connect Homeowners

What we plan to do with this CRM is to be able to cross reference many layers of information for each person on our contact list. The three main goals are as follows:

  • Identify everyone with the same floor plan and group them together
  • Identify everyone with the same insurance carrier and group them together
  • Cross reference those two so we can identify groups with the same floor plan AND insurance carrier.

This helps us in multiple ways. First, if we can identify those that share floor plans and carriers we can not only be able to compare notes on price per sq. ft. to make sure everyone is getting a fair shake but also be able to share best practices and any newly identified information. This will help level the playing field. Additionally, by grouping residents together by floor plan, we can offer the ability to share ideas. If you wish to make changes to your home’s design or start from scratch, we can provide the ability to have groups of the same floor plan meet with builders such as DeNova, American Pacific Builders and Stonefield who are willing to design new floor plans for groups that are large enough. That way you don’t need to worry about identifying others to share architecture or engineering costs. Those builders will incur those costs.

This is an excellent opportunity. Essentially we can get everyone with the same floor plan who wishes to participate in the same room to identify a builder to work with and create a focus group to develop a similarly sized floor plan with your ideas influencing it. Most of those builders will be developing plans for other sized homes as well, and can do a “plan fit” so you can see other designs that can fit on your lot.

Register at Coffeystrong.com

The most crucial components of this are to first, make sure you are registered on www.coffeystrong.com with your information updated (you can update your info even after you register). Second, be patient. We have an opportunity to update and customize the old floor plans with the builders paying that cost. The Coffey Strong organization is trying to avoid residents from having to pay for things they don’t need to. More info will be coming soon, thanks for your patience.

Happy Holidays,
Jeff Okrepkie
Board President
Coffey Strong

December 21, 2017