The Importance of Trees

Trees.  They provide shelter from the sun and rain.  They tame the winds. They measure time. Some hug them.  Some climb them or swing from them. Some build forts in them.  We lean on them as a place to rest our backs. Some grieve their death as if they were an old friend.  They produce food for us to eat. The benefits of trees and the impact they have on our lives, even if seemingly unnoticed, is immeasurable.

Did you know that trees, parks and green spaces…

  • Increase your property value: Simply having trees on your street can increase property values by an average of $8,870.
  • Save you money on your energy bills: Proper landscaping can reduce air conditioning costs by up to 50%.
  • Make your street safer: Streets with trees have fewer run-off-the-road crashes and slower average car speeds.

Coffey Strong is a proud partner of the Arbor Day Foundation with this project made possible by a partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation and FedEx. We are so grateful for their help and collaboration. During this time of shelter in place, we can turn to our beautiful home gardens for a connection to nature!

Our vision is to recreate Coffey Park’s streets with beautiful, healthy trees. Some builders have provided curbside trees, but most did not. We’ve received a grant to help us bring healthy trees back to line our streets! This is our first priority with this project.


Deliveries are (hopefully) starting around Arbor Day and Earth Day, one week later–keeping in mind it is hard to plan exactly with Coronavirus and Public Health Orders.

Apply NOW to receive FREE Trees delivered to your home. Need help filling out the application? Contact us at or call 707-490-8588. Once we have received everyone’s application we will see how many trees each household can receive. We will notify you via email starting on April 19.



Think about driving or walking down the road towards your house or your local coffee shop. Now imagine all the trees have suddenly disappeared. No shady spots, no variation in colors, just shades of asphalt and house paint…

What a different feel that would make, right? And yet on our everyday routes we rarely stop to think about how the trees and greenery around us create a sense of well-being and community. The truth is trees make neighborhoods more than livable; they make our house or apartment our home—and they make our communities thrive.

– An excerpt from Invest From the Ground Up (