Update from Jeff Okrepkie

Coffey Park,

thre is time for due diligence and weigh all optionsIn this ever evolving rebuild we currently have some progress to share and to be aware of. Before we get to that, I want to address a few things. First, every builder I have talked to has expressed the same sentiment with the rebuild in regards to timeline. That is, at best, no construction will start at least until early April. That is the best case scenario where debris removal is done on time and efficiently, there are no set backs with utilities or public works and weather cooperates. This means there is time for due diligence and to weigh all options. This is particularly important as you need to have a preferred builder and a back up. A back up is crucial because you don’t want to be left at square one should your builder back out. This happened after Scripps Ranch in San Diego, so don’t be surprised if that happens here.

Latest on Builders

There are three predesigned turnkey builders. Those are APM Homes, Gallaher Construction and Synergy Group.The Tuxhorn Company is also doing some upgraded plans for their previous builds in Windrose, Barnes Meadows and the adjacent areas. There are plenty of builders that are willing to do custom homes. However there are a handful of large to mid-size builders that want to work with homeowners in order to develop new plans to build in scale. They include DeNova, Stonefield, American Pacific Builders among others. That last part is the reason for this post. Area 1 and Area 2 have begun to talk to builders in order to revitalize their old plans.

Mapping to Connect Neighbors with Similar Floorplans

We have recently mapped the original Coffey Park subdivision phases #1-5 by floor plan  (not to be confused with our Coffey Strong areas 1-5), The majority of these homes are located in Coffey Strong areas 3 & 4. We are about to begin the process of cross-referencing contact info by plans so we can contact all houses with the same floor plans with the intent to organize, and interview developers that wish to customize floor plans using resident input. You will see emails in the coming weeks to initiate this process.
All of us in Coffey Strong are volunteers and are doing this in what used to be our free time, so it won’t be instantaneous. You do not have to participate if you don’t wish to go this route. It should be said that there may be many plans that fit your lot, so the one derived from your group may not ultimately be the one you pick.
Areas 1 & 2, and the Windrose & Barnes Meadows subdivisions are progressing with this kind of effort and we intend on initiating this process soon for the previous mentioned areas, however that doesn’t mean the rest will be left out. We would still like help in tracking down floor plan info for the other areas to offer the same solution.
Thanks for your time,
Jeff Okrepkie