Builders Matrix

Builder Matrix

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This is a builders matrix of the 5 largest builders intending to work in the Coffey Park area: APM, DeNova, Gallaher, Stonefield and Synergy. These are builders looking to do a minimum of 50 homes and have the capacity to do hundreds. These are for “turn-key” homes. That means they take care of nearly everything for you, as you can see.

This is not intended as an endorsement for one or another. This is just informational so you do not waste your time if there is a factor that is a deal breaker for you, like what kind of foundation they use. There are also dozens of builders willing to do much smaller groups. There are too many to list but the ones that I have heard most often are The Tuxhorn Company, Shook & Waller, G Family Construction, and American Pacific Builders.

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Originally posted on Nextdoor by Jeff Okrepkie, December 5, 2017.